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Favorite Holiday Traditions

1. Big breakfast with my family

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So, my family consists of my dad, my mom and my little brother. Usually we all wake up together and have a big breakfast with eggs, bacon, baguettes and a lot of other stuff. Then we read a bible peace, to remind us what christmas really is about.

2. Christmas gifts!

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What we do with christmas is : we all buy presents for each other and on christmas day we will give them to each other! So on christmas morning there are a lot of christmas presents under the tree! Of course, my little brother (11) gets spoiled the most, because three people buy gifts for him! ♡

3. Family gathering

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After our little family celebration, we go to our grandma and we have a bible session over the, also giving each other presents again (double presents whoop) and after that we have dinner. ❅

4. Christmas with my boyfriend ❤

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In the Netherlands we have the 2nd christmas day. This year will be the third christmas with my boyfriend and we usually give each other some small presents, after that we'll make dinner together and just enjoy each others company. It's the day full of love and enjoying each others presence ❤.

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Hope you enjoyed it! ♥

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