Hello there!
As a person that is studying abroad, there are so many things that i have learned while here, or stuff that people told me before & i just proved it.

One of the main things is that you're obviously going to miss home, eventually. You'll want your mom to cook you dinner or drive you everywhere. You'll miss your siblings's voices. Your bed. Well, everything. But while in classes you will be more focused on that, without even trying. So for example, I miss my home more on Sundays, because we used to eat out those days. Being busy with uni/college makes you forget about that sometimes, and before you know it you are already back home, hugging everyone.

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You are in a new city, maybe even a new country! Appreciate that, go out, get to know the place. Get some friends and do some tourism once in a while. Find a new favorite spot. Make that new place feel like home. Last year, when i just came, i hardly did that... i spent most of my time watching Netflix & reading, which is fun, but there are so many things to do out there! This year i made this place feel like a second home, I have a favorite mall, know my favorite book shops, where to buy the most affordable clothes, the best ice cream in town. Do that.

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Remember why you decided to go there in the first place. Having that in mind once in a while keeps you going. You did all of these for a reason, and it takes bravery to actually get on that plane and start again, with a fresh start. For me it was to cure my heartbreak, to live more and love myself. And oh, did it help! Obviously when i went back home it hit me seeing him again after a few months, but it was a good closure I think.

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You'll be home before you know it, hang in there! Everything is worth the wait. Always.