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b a s i c s:

↪ name: Samantha Henderson
↪ nickname: Sam, S, Mantha, Henderson
↪ age: 17
↪ DOB: November 13th

a p p e a r e n c e:

girl, hair, and style image hair, girl, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed eyes, blue, and eye image
Samantha has tanned skin, long straight brown hair, thin body and light blue eyes. height: 5'6"

p e r s o n a l i t y:

girl, bad, and quotes image quotes, meme, and funny image Temporarily removed Mature image
Extrovert, smart, independent, sarcastic, confident, rebel, bad ass.

s t y l e:

accessories, black, and boots image outfit, fashion, and clothes image fashion, clothes, and girl image accessories, black, and boots image
Classic 80s style, lots of sweatshirts and mom jeans. Samantha always uses her black converse and she loves strips.

f a m i l y:

stranger things, netflix, and gaten matarazzo image dustin, series, and netflix image
Samantha is a part of the Henderson family, being Dustin's cousin. She used to live in California with her parents but they sent her to live in Hawkins with her aunt and cousin after she was expelled from her old school for violating the school's rules.

f r i e n d s:

stranger things, finn wolfhard, and eleven image stranger things, sadie sink, and max mayfield image Abusive image aesthetic, couple, and friendship image
The kids, Steve, Jonathan and Nancy.

l o v e l i f e:

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Billy is Samantha's ex, they used to date back when they lived in California. They had a very firey relationship and really loved each other, but then Samantha started to see Billy's violent behavior and broke up with him because she was scared, even though she still loved him. When she moved to Hawkins and met him there, they had a fling but she realized that she didn't love him anymore, especially after knowing what he did to Max, the kids and Steve.
steve harrington, crossover, and riverdale image boy, gif, and handsome image
Steve and Samantha became friends the moment she moved to Hawkins, but that was all because he was still in love with Nancy and she still loved Billy. They started to hang out more because of the kids, who founded out that Steve had a crush on Samantha and decided to play cupid with them. After Sam broke up with Billy again she realized that she was in love with Steve. They eventually started to date.

t r i v i a:

↪ She is a vegetarian
↪ Used to had a punk rock band back in California that was formed only with girls and was named Rocking Dolls. She was the lead singer and guitarist
↪ Has a cat named Ocean
↪ Smokes way too much cigarettes
↪ Has a red Mustang
↪ Is very protective of Dustin and treats him like a little brother

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