MUSTB is the MUSTM Entertainment's first idol group. They released the original music video for 'I Want U' on the 1st of December, with the original seven members. But a couple of days before the music video was released, Chibin confirmed he had left the group. And in the release post from the CEO on Instagram only four of the members were tagged, which means more members might have left before debut, but I can't be sure.

They deleted the original music video and uploaded a new one featuring the current seven members on the 29th of January. One day before the release of the album.


Oh Sangwoo (01.05.1994): Rapper. formerly of Pure Boy, Blast, Underdog, D.I.P and Hi5 as Kain. He auditioned for over 40 companies and passed most of them, but never signed to any of them because he only auditioned to see if he could pass.

Doha (Kim Dohyun, 04.03.1995): Vocal. formerly of Hi5 and Underdog as Baekjin

Hawoon (1993): Vocal

Taegeon (1993): Rapper

Wooyeon (1994): Vocal

Soohyun (1996): Vocal

Sihoo (Seongwook, 1998): Vocal and maknae. Trained to debut in A to Z as Heemin

Former Members

Jeon Chibin (02.14.1998): formerly of MASC

Music Video