•Hey Guys! I have recently started writing articles, and I wanted to share with you some great ideas on how to stay both motivated and inspired!•


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Yes, I know that almost half of the people discussing the issue recommend this and it may be a tiring repetition, but it actually works! Optimistic people are more successful than pessimistic ones, and it is because they do not stop when seeing failure, they accept the mistake, and see it as a new experience.They persist until reaching their goals.


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We all should have something entertaining to do, that we love, and to change scenery. It's great to have at least an activity, to dedicate time for yourself, enabling you to develop your creativity in different ways. It can be reading, painting, playing an instrument, dancing etc. Find something special to do, where you feel you are really good at, or you just simply enjoy doing.


By this, I am not saying that you should go to another continent, I intend to share the idea of experiencing new things, go to places where you can have new feelings, try things that you are not use to doing. Open your horizons, and don't limit yourself to the same things every day. By now and then it's healthy to change your routine.

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In this way, maybe you find something that can inspire you, or also, what's more exciting, meet new people!


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Keeping a journal, or in your notes, a tracking of certain activity as it can be your studies or exercises, can help your motivation to achieve things. Seeing your progress can and definitely makes you more persistent and excited about your goals. It is pleasurable, after some time of progressing, to see how much you have improved.


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As I see it, quotation helps me to get motivated. In MY case, when I see one that I like on the internet or a book, I write it down on my journal. Now, I have almost a complete journal with them, and time by time I give it a read and it cheers me up.


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Find people that can inspire you and boost that feeling of motivation that can help you to do big things. There are tons of bloggers, or just celebrities that do lots of inspirational and great stuff to help people, or that are really successful in what they do. You can find inspiring people in your surroundings also, members of your family or friends.

Thats all! Xx