Hi! I am little lady, that is my nickname! I will represent, what I love in few pic! Hope you are enjoyed. 🌹

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First, in the morning i love to drink, of course, coffee! my favorite drink, I can imagine a day without coffee.
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Next, it is a study, I am a software developer, so I study a lot, and believe me or not, I love to study new things, and search for some helpful information.
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Fashion, of course, I am a girl! I love fashion, I like to wear a clotnes where I feel comfortable, at home I like to wear something casual, more comfortable, but at the night, I like to wear something elegant, and of course comfortable.
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And for the end, I like holidays! I can't wait for Christmas to come! Love all that magic in this time of year, and snow as well.

That is me, the short version, I hope you like it!
Little girl🌹