Hi. I'm at school and i'm doing an spanish assigment with two of my friends. We're making a radio program in spanish about unhealthy preassure. Right now we're trying to record it but my friends can't stop laughing. It's very anoying but kind of funny. We're running short on time, so i'm kinda stressed.

As i mentioned in the title, i'm bored and i didn't know what to do while my friends were laughing so i went on we heart it and started to write this article since i really want to start wrigthing articles on we heart it, so this is a test i guess :D

I really wanted to add some cute pictures in this article but i don't understad how i do it lol, so if u read this and want to help me, the i'd be very happy!
NOTE: I now know how to add pictures :D

- Love from Andrea