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celebrity, famous, and girl image Image by hhj
1-crying in the club
camila, in the dark, and music image in the dark, Lyrics, and camila cabello image
2-in the dark
camila cabello and fifth harmony image camila cabello and never be the same tour image
3-never be the same
Image removed girlpower, Lyrics, and music image
4-she loves control
consequences, camila cabello, and fifth harmony image broken heart, cheap, and consequences image
Image removed Image removed
Lyrics, moon, and Move image camila cabello image
7-only told the moon
celebrities, Lyrics, and photo image Image removed
8- bad thangs
camila cabello, sangria wine, and camila image album, black, and blue image
9-sangria wine
Image by payton havana, camila cabello, and camila † image

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