we met up last night. i only came for my things because you said you would return them to me and 2 weeks past and you never did. if you never intended to return my things why did you message me in the first place about them because honestly i was doing fine up until you messaged me.

you obviously did not want to give it to me. you wanted to talk. i told you that there is nothing else to talk about and you asked me about my day, work, and me. i told you that i was fine, i updated you like we were still together and it took me 3 weeks to convince myself that we weren't and you made that vanish in 10 minutes of us talking. you still hold something over me and i can't seem to figure out what it is.

i can't read you like i read others. i wanna fix every broken thing about you and that's what has me messed up. you've given me a lot of reasons that i could never be the one to fix you but it's aight. im gonna thug shit out and ill be aight.