I always hear you say, because I can't have this face or this body or be like her while in front of my eyes I have the most beautiful girl I know. You don't realize how beautiful you are, the physical is something that really stops mattering when your personality is the one that comes to light, in case you didn't realize you have a beautiful personality; You're happy in front of other people and innocent what leaves you more cute than you already are, you're gentle and humble with people and animals you're simply beautiful in all aspects. Regarding the physical you're also beautiful, you have those brown eyes that catch you and when you give them the sun they turn into a clear coffee being perfectly with your dark hair, your sweet smile is similar a kitten, your cheeks that rise when you smile making your cute little eyes stretch forming a moon, you have a striking body and your hands are thin and delicate even if you don't see in the same way .. Other people can see you beautiful, from my point of view you're more than that, you just need to be aware of the beauty you have