hey buddies, i did one of these last year so might as well do it again. this is meant to be like a gift guide. maybe you'll see something on my list that you didn't think to ask for, which is why i love reading these. anyway, here's my christmas list for 2018 (:

ho ho ho, here's my list

Temporarily removed fashion, sweater, and autumn image
oversized turtleneck sweaters
jacket, pullover, and sweaters image Image removed
faux sherpa zip-up jacket
champion, hoodie, and style image champion, blue, and fashion image
champion hoodie with small logo
fashion, girl, and outfit image style, fashion, and outfit image
comfy sweatpants
red, vans, and aesthetic image Image removed
shoes (of your choice)
art, brand, and fashion image beanie, girl, and goth image
earrings, accessories, and jewelry image earrings, fashion, and Halloween image
stud earrings
nike, shoes, and blue image Image removed
phone, case, and iphone image case, iphone, and beautiful cases image
iphone case
starbucks, drink, and food image coffee image
starbucks gift card
Image removed book, vintage, and aesthetic image
books (of your choice)
aesthetic, autumn, and blue image cat, fire, and need image
ankle/crew socks
christmas, clothes, and gift image Temporarily removed
fuzzy socks
perfume, vogue, and luxury image aesthetic, green, and kate spade image
perfume (of your choice)
abs, bed, and colour image fashion and outfit image
high waisted leggings
christmas, winter, and candle image candles, christmas, and cozy image
scented candles
Temporarily removed etsy, ponytail holder, and ponytail holders image
apple, iphone, and case image marble, macbook, and apple image
laptop case
Temporarily removed essential oil diffuser image
oil diffuser
accessories, arm candy, and bracelet image bracelets and alex and ani image
alex & ani bracelets
salt lamps and himalayan salt lamsp image crystals, lamp, and light image
himalayan salt lamp
cool, gif, and lovely image aesthetic, beauty, and bright image
moon lamp

mmk, that's it. it's officially december so party hard with that eggnog and cookies (but not too hard kids). merry christmas, ya filthy animals.