why is this so hard
not with you around
listening to music
that your heart made sound
the beats match your rhythm
when you hold me in so tight
sorry if its confusing
my thoughts might not let sight
they make these crazy words
and we met in a crazy world
were poets and music make worlds
where we hold each others hand
as walk past nether lands
and fire lands
and ice walks
and through all the apocalyptic weathers
i'll still remain with you
even if you push me out
ill stay be with you
you told me you were worried
about losing me you say?
well baby don't you worry
and here to fucking stay
and when your mad or sad
and you take it out on me
ill take it all of it
all you rely on me
and sometimes i won't lie
loving you is crazy
i feel like i'm insane
i'm lying in a mental house
or asylum one might say
you don't truly love him
well that's a big fat lie
you haven't been through all of it
to see me lie and cry