''Always sitting alone on the Hogwarts Express, often found sitting in the forbidden forest drawing magical creatures and plants, or getting lost wandering the castle. Sometimes would listen to other's conversations wishing to participate. Polite and kind to everyone no matter their blood status. Not a single friend, not for lack of trying i'ts just everyone thinks i'm... weird. But still I feel happy in Hogwarts, it is my home.''
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blood status: Muggleborn

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Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure
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Acacia wood, dragon heartsrting core
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favourite places:

the forbidden forest, the quidditch field, the library and Ravenclaw's common room, in that order.
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reading, siting in the forbidden forest drawing magical creatures and plants, or just looking at them from a distance and wandering the castle's corridors.
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love interest: Draco Malfoy

Since we've never talk, I can only see him in potions class, adivination and herbology and just... admire every single aspect of him. Silently from a distance. I know it's for the best, i'm not a pureblood anyway.
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just some songs that i think belong here
  • Elsa & Emilie - Another Day
  • Bon Iver, St. Vincent - Roslyn
  • Lykke Li - Possibility
  • Lorde - A World Alone
  • Kid Astray - Back To The Ordinary
  • Rockettothesky - Grizzly Man
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