Has it ever happened to you that when the guy you've been crushing on for so long asks if you're over him? And it makes you angry because how the hell can you simply forget the kisses and the holding of his arms around you?

Then you finally answer his infuriating question and say
"Oh of course I am over you." But actually you want to scream out and tell him:
"Why are you asking me that when you know very well that I'm not!? How am I supposed to toss everything out and just forget? How can I, when I.. I was really in love with you. How can I, when all that runs through my mind is you, the warm memory of you overwhelming my mind..." And while saying this you wanna punch his chest and hope that he'll pull you into a hug to calm you down.

But you don't actually say this for two reasons, 1. it's too late and 2. it would make you look stupid. And then with a yearning look in his eyes he replies
"Good, you're too young to be in love."

And it kills you... kills you because you know you're already in love, he knows it too. So you stand there wondering how you'll ever get over him, it's in his eyes too that he's not over you, but the guilt that there's nothing left to be done.

And it hits me that you're not coming back... are you?
Him: "No my love."