Favorite things about winter

The cold weather, Christmas decorations, having the Christmas tree up, Christmas lights, all things cozy, hot chocolate, buying gifts for people, baking, rainy days/nights, pretty much everything.

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Favorite winter outfit

I really like cute pieces like turtlenecks and sweaters but honestly I'm most likely to be in sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt (as I am currently).

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Favorite winter food

Comfort food like chili, soup, sausage corn bread dressing, pancakes, waffles.

Favorite winter drink

Hot chocolate (obviously) I like Nestle, mocha coffee, raspberry tea and Martinelli's sparkling apple grape on New Year's Eve.

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Dream way to spend a winter day

Burn a candle while I eat breakfast, watch Christmas movies, maybe go to the mall or eat out lunch somewhere, and look at Christmas lights after dinner while drinking hot chocolate.

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Favorite winter beauty product

My moisturizer, I use the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel and I also really like the face masks from Target, my skin tends to be drier this time of year.

What do you hope Santa brings you?

A reliable pair of workout shoes would be much appreciated, but I'd also really like socks, a pajama set, a hot chocolate gift set, books, or a reliable purse.

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Favorite winter memory

Sitting around the living room with my family on Christmas Eve, my brother and I playing guitar, everyone singing and laughing and also the family Christmas party we have every year where we eat good food, and again, sit around the living room enjoying each other's company.

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Favorite winter scent

For winter I really like the smell of cinnamon, musk (or boy), a bonfire, apple pie and my hot cocoa and cream candle.

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If you could have one wish this Christmas, what would it be?

For my family to all be together and for us all to be happy and healthy.


December 2, 2018

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