its been 2 months since ive last seen you, 2 months since i've heard your laugh, seen your smile, and seen you in general. i still think about you and it still hurts a whole lot like the first time. my heart doesn't hurt as much anymore, because i know all the things i miss are just memories and that i don't actually miss you because now the memories are better than you in general.

i don't wanna hide my pain through making jokes about how heartbroken i am anymore. instead i am going to feel through the pain. and that's the hardest thing i'm coming to do for myself right now. you told me once "so what? I'm just going to forget you like nothing?" i mean you're doing it just fine now.

i'm still coming to the terms that you cheated on me and still look me in the eyes when i ask about it and you say "i never did cheat on you." and that really did damage on me. you don't wanna admit that you did in fact cheat on me but you admitted it to your best friend whom told me and i confronted you about it because i did not want to assume anything from what he was saying and 1 week later you both are no longer friends. he still talks to me though and he really feels for what i'm going through because i just can't seem to leave you behind.