Hi guys, these are just some of my favorite shows that I've already seen, and they're all on netflix so they're easy to watch. Some of them are popular so maybe you've already heard of them. Anyway, here they are..


friends, monica geller, and ross geller image friends, joey tribbiani, and ross geller image
Friends is popular so I feel like everyone's watched it, but it's such a good show and you can binge watch it for so long.

The Vampire Diaries

the vampire diaries, delena, and caroline image ian somerhalder, paul wesley, and the vampire diaries image
Another popular show, but this one took me literally so long to finish. I didn't really like the ending but it's definitely worth watching.

The Originals

joseph morgan, The Originals, and daniel gillies image The Originals, tv show, and vampire image
I debated watching this for a long time after tvd, but once I started I just binged the whole thing. I kind of like it better than tvd, but it's not as long.


aesthetic, black, and edit image aesthetic, dean winchester, and edit image
This show is literally so long, it has like 13 seasons for something like that. It's taken me so long to watch it all but worth it. Love this show.

Black Mirror

art, black, and black and white image black mirror image
If you haven't heard of this show, it's kind of creepy and will leave you rethinking everything you've ever known. I can only watch like one at a time but it's really interesting what happens.


Image removed riverdale, cole sprouse, and lili reinhart image
When I saw the commercial for this I thought it was dumb but I actually liked watching it. Good show if you're in the mood for mystery.


Image by Janat Sakran shameless, quotes, and tired image
I love this show so much, it's really entertaining if you're open to kinda everything. There's like 8 seasons so you can binge a lot.


Dexter, blood, and dexter morgan image Dexter, people, and quotes image
Such an interesting show, so many shook moments. I binged this way faster than anything else, haha.

End of the F***ing World

Alyssa, friend, and james image Alyssa, james, and teotfw image
This show was interesting because I didn't expect so much to happen. It was so good I watched in 3 days lol.

13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why, quotes, and hannah baker image wallpaper, 13 reasons why, and stranger things image
I read the book before I watched the show and they're different but they're both really good. Don't recommend this show if you're sensitive to this kind of stuff, tho.

Thanks for reading through my list guys, hope you found something good to watch. Dm me if you have any article ideas.