Rex Orange County has become one of the most popular bands recently and it's safe to say he's growing every single day so here's what you need to know about Alex O'Connor.

Yes, Alex O'Connor is Rex Orange County's real name. The reason he came up with Rex Orange County as a band name was a mix of his love of dinosaurs and, specifically, the T-Rex plus the nickname he received from his teacher about his last name. O'Connor quickly became "OC" and from there Orange County after the major county in California.

Now that you know a brief history of Rex, let's cut to the chase: his music. Rex's first album "Bcos U Will Never B Free" was an instant hit. His blend of drums, guitar, and piano plus the smooth sound of his voice was in perfect harmony. Some of my personal favorites are "Corduroy Dreams", "Paradise", and "A Song About Being Sad." These songs all have a special place in my heart, not because of the actual song itself but the memories connected to it. I suggest playing these songs during a night drive whether you're with other people or solo because of how easy they are to listen to and the soothing yet uplifting experience they provide.

Soon after the release of this album, Rex came up with three more singles: "Uno", "Best Friend," and "Untitled." These singles would be as popular if more than his first album with "Best Friend" becoming one of his most well-known songs. Major artists like Tyler the Creator took notice of his unique style and Tyler saw that it would go well with his smooth acoustics and emotional lyrics.

Then "Flower Boy" comes out...