-Unsent message
Hey baby,
I really miss you, I'm willing to hear the sound of your voice or even get a text from you. It's been 2 weeks since the last time that I've seen you, 9 days since you've told me I love you or called me baby and 6 days since the last time we've spoke
I can't explain how miserable I'm and how much pain I'm feeling every night for being replaced and left for someone else after giving you all of me you left, maybe I wasn’t good enough or maybe I were too much for you and you couldn’t handle all of me, so you’ve decided to leave me alone in the middle of nowhere. My life was falling apart and I was falling apart and you weren’t there to catch me as I always thought. Right now I'm breaking down physically and mentally and you're also not here as you've promised
Days are very hard and hours and minutes became longer
And you're still not here...
I wish one day you'll realize the damage you've made to me
And realize how much I've loved you and cared about you
And when that day will come I'm sure that
It will be too late
And I won't be waiting for you

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