I wish that from my eyes you could see yourself, that from my soul you could feel and that from my heart you could love yourself. it hurt? Of course, because I had never been related to lies and indifference, I believed that by giving pure, healthy and sincere love, the reward would be that multiplied, if I had known that in exchange for that my life would take a sad course I would never have involved in this falling in love. Now I do not know how to find the exit from this labyrinth in which you have put me, since you let go of my hand I think I suffer from claustrophobia and anxiety. Do not laugh at me, do not feel pleasure to see that in the end you made me fall into this trap profuna where probably my desire to love will die with me; Oh, to be selfish, why have you done this to me? Why did you pay by making me the physical image of misery and confusion?