If you are a college student, then the beginning of December probably means the beginning of finals. These next few weeks are extremely stressful, but if you manage your time and use different methods of studying it can be more manageable. Here is what I recommend for when Dead Day comes.

Time Management:
- Before dead day: make sure you have quizlets made, extra homework assignments printed out, any and all materials you need to study ready to go.

-Wake up early. (Sometime around 8:00 or 9:00) Take the time in the morning to relax. Don’t wake up and just immediately start studying. Take an hour to eat breakfast, make some coffee, and even shower if you need to.

-Make a schedule of when you will be studying for which class/ doing final projects. I recommend taking two hours for each class which hour breaks in between to decompress.

Studying Tips:
-Study with a friend. (As long as they won’t be distracting). If you have someone there to motivate you to review material it will be so much better.

-Try getting out of your apartment or dorm room. Having a change of scenery will allow you to not get as distracted like if you were in your own place.

-Don’t overwhelm yourself with material. There is so much extra time during finals week to look over things so in your schedule if you didn’t get to everything that’s okay. It’s okay if you are finishing a topic but I recommend not studying for multiple hours straight you won’t retain as much.

Here is a past article of mine based around studying tools and tips:

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