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Top 10 ALBUM songs

1. LA Devotee - DOAB
2. One of the Drunks - PFTW
3. Behind the Sea - P.O.
4. Crazy = Genius - DOAB
5. House of Memories - DOAB
6. Build God and Then We'll Talk - AFYSCO
7. King of the Clouds - PFTW
8. Far Too Young To Die - TWTLTRTD
9. Hurricane - V&V
10. Mad as Rabbits - P.O.

Favourite era

brendon urie, panic! at the disco, and P!ATD image brendon urie, panic, and panic at the disco image
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Vices and Virtues era was SO hot but so so SO problematic. So either that bc of the fashion or PFTW era bc I saw bren live and he's been so happy and so successful :,)

Rank all bonus tracks

1. turn off the lights
2. all the boys
3. i wanna be free
4. new perspective
5. bittersweet
6. kaleidoscope eyes
7. stall me
8. oh glory

brendon urie and panic! at the disco image