Hello everyone!

I am originally a Croatian, living in Germany and I visit my home country twice or sometimes three times a year. I can guarantee you that it is a very beautiful country with lots of places to visit! In this article I want to recommend you my favorite ones :)

The most famous spot in Croatia is probably Dubrovnik. It´s famous for its old historic city walls, the astonishing old town with the cathedral and the Stradun (main road in the heart of the city), the cable railway that gives you the best view ever and of course it´s well known as the setting for King´s Landing in Game of Thrones.

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Plitvice Lakes
Another well known spot is the magical huge Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is a must see for visitors and it´s beautiful in every season of the year! The waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, plants and diverse animals will take your breath away.

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The capital of Croatia will fascinate you with its upper town (Gornji Grad). There you can have a look at the Curch of St Mark´s with the colorful roof, the parliament building and the cathedral and the treasury. The capital also has many interessting parks and museums to offer (e.g.the museum of broken relationships,art pavillon etc.) The Advent in Zagreb is the best Christmas market in Europe and simply magical.

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And now I came to the point where I can´t decide which place to write about because every corner of Croatia is just beautiful, so here are some more short mentions:

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Hvar island
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Lastly, I also decided to list a few honorable beaches :)

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Sakarun on Dugi Otok
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Zlatni Rat on Brac island
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Stiniva beach on Vis island
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Pasjaca in Dubrovnik

I hope you liked my article and I hope that I could give you some impressions and perhaps you add some places to your travel bucket list :)
Have a nice day!