Hey loves! I hope you're all having a wonderful day. Not that November is over and December is here, I would like to share my favorites from last month. Enjoy!

➺ Only Us by Mandy Moore

A Walk to Remember, movie, and teenager image A Walk to Remember, mandy moore, and shane west image

Even though I only found out about this song a few days ago, I simply couldn't stop listening to it!! It's such a lovely song, I recommend listening to it! Really, a lot of songs from the musical (A Walk to Remember) is amazing.

➺ Someday cover by Nick Pitera

gorgeous, singer, and nick pitera image gorgeous, singer, and nick pitera image

When I was listening to Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist, I heard this cover and immediately fell in love with it. His voice is amazing, and I even started listening to more of his covers. I recommend listening to him!

I also recommend listening to Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist. It's a playlist customized for you based off of songs you like, and every Monday they update it, giving you a whole new batch of songs you might like! It's how I discovered my new favorite songs (including Only Us) and I'm sure you can too!

➺ Thank You, Next

ariana grande, mean girls, and next image ariana grande image

Even though it came out a while ago and the video just a few days ago, it's absolutely amazing. Go listen to it if you haven't already!

➺ Ultra Caramel Frappuccino

starbucks, drink, and coffee image Image removed

I've had Starbucks' standard caramel frappuccino's before, but this one just tasted absolutely amazing! Maybe because it was Thanksgiving, or just because I have a sweet tooth, but whatever it is, I encourage you to try it!

➺ Thanksgiving

autumn, blanket, and candle image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image

Typically I don't like Thanksgiving (it has become my least favorite holiday over time), but this year I had it with my family and close childhood friends, so not only was the meal great but the time we spent together was amazing and full of fun.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article! Until next time ❤


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