Just some letters to someone's ex.

Dear Honeybee, I've been thinking about you recently, I would've told you sooner but you're always busy these days. You said you would call me every day baby... that hasn't happened so far. I've also been thinking about some other things too, I know you'll say "Don't think" but I can't help but wonder if we are falling out of love as our conversations get shorter and your calls grow further and further apart. I know that we're keeping it chill but you never call anymore, it's good morning, good night and sometimes less than that, I really just want my old boyfriend back.

Dear Honeybee, I know you hate it when I'm insecure but I can't help but wonder if I'm enough for you, do you still truly love me like you say you do? You never say it first like you use to before, but you now often tell me I dress like a whore. You don't send long texts when you miss me at night, but you do say "I hate you" when we're having a fight, I'm sorry I'm complaining as "There's nothing wrong" Just please baby call me, It won't be too long.

Dear Honeybee, Who are these girls on your phone? Meg, Grace, Olivia, they don't leave you alone. Tell me why you always delete your dms with them? Sorry for interupting your facetime with "Em" Why don't you show me off on your instagram, guess you got someone else now gotdamn! Also show me your snap while you're at it, at less you could wait till after we split! I don't know why I'm with you anymore, when will you stop acting like a dirty manwhore?

Dear Honeybee, We broke up are you happy now? After all of the heartbreak I can't cry somehow. I'm numb to the pain you inflicted on me, you quickly moved on it's clear to see. your "friend" told me you've loved her all this time, even back when I used to call you mine. If It was up to me, I'd tear you apart, that's what you deserve for breaking my heart.

Dear Honeybee, I guess we both moved on, now I've found someone else to sing my stupid love song, You've found someone else to deal with your bipolar disorder or how you collect hoes like you're some kind of hoarder. I'll keep the sweatshirt and you can keep the title, "Toxic Ex-boyfriend" hope it goes viral. As for the dirty secrets, I know you won't keep them under wraps, I got all the screenshots so don't go acting wack.