full name: Courtney Eleanor Reginald, she's the third daughter of Reginalds.
birth date: December 20th, 2001
age: 17
zodiac sign: Sagittarius.
height: average.
family: 4 sisters, a brother, her parents, a stepmother, 5 stepsisters and a stepbrother.
likes: shying away, strawberries, snowy days, animals and running wild with her imagination.
favorite colors: pink and yellow.
most likely hogwarts house: Hufflepuff.


girl, blonde, and photography image eyes, blonde, and green image Temporarily removed aesthetic, blonde, and hair image
courtney has blonde hair, green eyes, very little freckles and soft pink lips.

dressing style:

dress, pink, and rose gold image dress, fashion, and pink image $$$, aesthetic, and art image fashion, pink, and dress image
pink is her color and she really loves wearing it, but she wears other colors too like blue and yellow.


quote and sayings image broken heart, him, and life image quotes, jane austen, and quiet image quotes image
Courtney has always been a very shy person, not interested in reality. She thinks a lot and she's always lost in her head, thinking thoughts and writing stories. She gets hurt and doesn't show it, but when she does show her anger, she can be like a thunderstorm.


snow, winter, and house image flowers, pink, and garden image book, girl, and hair image Temporarily removed
thinking about the snow, planting flowers in the palace gardens, reading and having fun or talking with her sister, Princess Victoria.


house and pink image girl, dress, and vintage image pink, heart, and hearts image beauty, eyes, and shine image Temporarily removed animal, quotes, and pink image

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