You remind of home, home when you are on a plane to a foreign place far away, you remind me of longing, longing for warm and inviting memories to come back. Memories like playing the ukulele by a campfire during a hot summer's night, riding the salty, rolling waves under the beating sun, relaxing under a tree with your friends after swimming all morning, of passionately singing along to the car radio with your friends as the car glides down the open road. You remind me- now I'll only say this quietly and I'll only say this once, you remind me of happiness, of being whole again, whole that is without a heart because I gave mine to you.

How could I not fall in love with a sense of belonging? Warmth and deep affection? Love your good intentions. Perfect imperfections.

I'll always love your warm teal eyes like hot summer skies, your tight, welcoming embrace doesn't give me airspace and you know I'd run 100 miles to see your unforgettable smile, loving you isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle.