1. Get a job.
College, man. That shit is expensive.

2. Drop all "friends"
Not gonna lie, the people I'm in group chats with are kind of trash.

3. Be nicer.
I'm a judgemental hoe. Quite critical, too. I'm just a very flawed human being. More so than the average person, though. Like I'm up there when it comes to being terrible.

4. Read More.
I read, but the books I read are not the books I should be reading.

5. Math Homework.
Stats, man. That shit is intense.

6. Exercise.
Eh, maybe later. I'm not tryna impress nobody.

7. Stop procrastinating by watching Ted Talk Videos
They aren't even good ted talks, they're all terrible or I go into the comments and see people more terrible than me and I get thrown off.

8. Stop procrastinating by writing We Heart It articles about stupid stuff that makes no sense whatsoever.
One day, but not today.

9. Study for my Physics Test.
Fuck physics. That's all I'm gonna say.

10. Government Homework
Fuck government class. I'm sorry, but teacher, you suck and you don't love your job and you hate kids. I have no idea why you had three of them or why you became a teacher, but bro, just go and be happy. You are obviously not happy right now, so go find happiness, it's like right outside the door.

11. Find real friends
Le sigh. This should be at the top of the list, but honestly, I'm so not into people. Like I'm fine with dying alone and in a sad, old house. People can just be blehhhh.

12. Write a book.
If I write a book, and get it published, there is a small chance someone will buy it and I will make money and I will be able to go without student loans. Although, realistically, my book will probably be trash and people will leave bad reviews of it and break my heart because that is what people do even though I have never seen or experienced heartbreak or dealt with humans in that type of matter.

Shoutout to my 37 followers. You're following a rude person, but that's okay, because your silence is motivating me to be better, even tho I have a long way to go. And when I say long, I mean long. Like tapeworm long.