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It's finally December! So let's see how we can prepare for Christmas and get straight into the christmas mood. I will suggest you 24 things to do for the 24 days of December!

1. Decorate the christmas tree

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2. Light up your house

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3. Add some decorations inside the house

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4. Get inspired by christmas collections on weheartit

5. Make a christmas playlist and listen to it everyday

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6. Watch christmas movies

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7. Give to your insta feed a new xmas look

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8. Make a gingerbread house

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9. Bake some christmas cookies or other candies

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10. Replace your mug with a christmas one

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11. Give to your nails a festive look

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12. Wear a xmas piece of clothing

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13. Buy gifts for your loved ones

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14. Discover the christmas spirit of your city

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15. Drink your coffee in a bistro

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16. Do activities such as ice skating

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17. Watch vlogmas by your favorite youtubers

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18. Plan your holidays

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19. Build a snowman

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20. Take photos in the snow

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21. Start making your journal/ calendar for the new year

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22. Go shopping for Christmas eve

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23. Try makeup looks for Christmas eve

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24. It's christmas eve!

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