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au: so girls! what do u want to do?
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iu: let's cook something together rose: jisoo is good at cooking!! jennie: yeah let's cook waffles all: yeee
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they eat them while doing a dance game
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au: hahahaha you're so funny

iu: you're very good at dancing
jisoo: but lisa is the best
au: okay now that is night let's make circle and talk
iu: don't worry it's just a game to get to know each other better
bp: good idea
rose: I have a question! how is it to be taes girl? though I liked him
au: really?!?!? he's an angel
jisoo: is he sexy but at the same time cute?
au: that's his description
ji+ro: awwww
iu: I have one, what do lisa think bout jimin?
jennie: ahhh jiminieee

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lisa blushes: he's so cutee and kind and funny

jennie: say it all....
lisa: oh okay he's also sexy, really
all: she said really hahahaha
au: I have a terrible question for jenniee, rm?

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jennie blushes: mmh a long story, we knew each other and were friends but then we didn't see often but I always found him mature... friendly... amusing but also sexy sometimes....

iu: u know what? we really ship u two
bp: we too!!
je: but I don't know what to do
au: just start writing him
je: are u sure?
all: sure
je: only if lisa do the same with jimin
all: do it!

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lisa: let's do that and see how it goes

au: good girls!!!

they were messaging with bts, sending photos

bts: we're also having such a good time
jk: even if we're sad without u
iu: don't think about it and just have fun!
jk: in fact we're going to dance in the disco after drinking something

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au*tae isn't writing strange...

drag, drunk, and edit image
rm: we're dancing like fools and suga fell!! hahahah

lisa: jimin and tae aren't there
jh: tae and jimin are so funny and so drunk
jm send a video in which tae is dancing with hyuna and hyunas face is on his neck and while he's hugging her her hand is caressing his chest and the other one his hair

au: what's that? hahaha

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then she sees it clearly and her smile disappears, her heart stopped bumping for a sec and falling in a black hole

au: what the fuck is that

lisa: oh I think that's a misunderstanding
jennie: yeah I think too
jisoo: they're drunk after all
rose: taes not the type
iu: yeah they're right don't worry
au: sorry but I just want to remain alone
iu writes immediately to kookie the same for lisa to jimin and for jennie to rm the most responsible

to be continued....