Hey there!

It's been a while since I last wrote something, so here I come once more with a soundtrack to say 2018 goodbye.

I've been thinking how could I just express a year in a few written words, but let's do it with different rhythms, genres and songs!

I must say I am a hopless romantic of old songs, so I'll go back and forth in time with this list. There are some songs and rhythms that don't have comparison and are timless for the soul.

So here it goes my time machine.

1) Ain't no mountain high enough - Marvine Gaye and Tammi Terrell
I just love how it sounds and I've been listening to it since it showed up in Guardians of the Galaxy... a couple of years ago (btw I love that flick).

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2) What's up? - 4 Non Blondes
I couldn't stop singing it since that chapter in Sense 8. That's it! I confessed!

sense8, capheus, and riley blue image

3) Flames - Sia and David Guetta
That clip blew my mind, it's a kind of Kill Bill video. I mean the contrast between the video and the lyrics is a little bit shocking and unxepected. Liked it very much.

4) Respect - Aretha Franklin
This is just a mental note to never forget this great artist.

boo, rawr, and disney image

5) Don't look back in anger - Oasis
I can't help always adding an Oasis song, and this is not the exception :) It also brings back summer memories I want to keep.

tangled, funny, and disney image

6) I'm born to run - American Authors
Run free. Create. Think. Read. Create yourself. I always try to stay true to this. We are the ones that call the shots in our lives.

johnny depp, jack sparrow, and pirate image

7) Feels great - Cheat Codes
Life is a big WTF until certain things start to connect. So in the meanwhile smile and enjoy the ride!

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8) You can keep your hat on - Joe Cocker
This is one of my timeless hot songs. I mean listen to it, it's sexy AF!

gossip girl, chuck bass, and blair waldorf image