Wow, so last night my boyfriend invited me to see him preform at an open mic night. It was honestly so much fun! I met all of his school friends that I had only talked to online for a bit, I made new friends, and I even got to hear some really talented people sing.
All the people there were so amazingly talented and they all came with songs they had written and it was just a ton of fun. We screamed along to Last Christmas, and Hey There Delilah. Everyone got up and danced to The Sweater Song, someone did a comedy thing. I got to mimic some TikTok videos and g-note everyone. Since I have no musical talent but really wanted to get up and do something.
Before last night I had never actually gone to like a social event with people my age that wasn't a concert. I went knowing only my boyfriend and knowing the few people I follow on insta, but I left with so many new amazing friends. Everyone was so accepting and kind I was shocked.

So moral of last night, go out, have fun, talk to people, face your fears. It'll be all worth it in the end. I was super nervous going in, but I left with the biggest smile on my face.

Now I'm planning when I can host an open mic night to do this again.