just some ideas for your wishlist...

1. AirPods

Temporarily removed
I have the i phone 7 so I really need airpods

2. Hoola Bronzer

benefit and hoola image
I already have the hoola light but it got to light for my skin tone

3. Dr. Martens

grunge, boots, and style image
I just love the look of those shoes...

4. Black Mom Jeans

aesthetic, alternative, and black image
&, black, and our image
those jeans with Dr.Martens...

5. Records

record, music, and vintage image
some classics like queen, david bowie, pink floyd, rolling stones...

6. scrunches

blankets and scrunches image

7. money

Image removed
to buy me the stuff i wont get :)

8. small purse

bag, fashion, and accessories image

9. Belt

Image by uniuniunicornio✨
to pair with my jeans and the shoes.