Most of my teenage years were influenced by stereotypes and what other people say about me. I was in a time that I didn´t consider myself beautiful or a person who deserves a compliment based on my physical appearance. I have a war against my body were all the things that were in mind such as considered myself gross win.

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I started to compare with other girls destroying myself without knowing it. In my mind, being skinny meant being beautiful, accepted, worthy. For me girls that have a different body had a perfect life with no problems but I was wrong. I met amazing girls that told me how they daily struggle because they were thin, that there were times that they can´t find clothes that fit them and that people also make fun of them telling them to eat. I was astonished because I believe that these kind of things only happened to fat people.

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I learned that all the hate and envy I had against them was so stupid that I felt ashamed and disappointed with myself. My mother has always taught me that what makes people beautiful is the way they are, not their appearance and I was so blind thinking that having a certain type of body makes me beautiful that I change what I was most proud of: my values. I was ugly but not because of my appearance otherwise the type of person that I become.

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From this experience I learn not to judge others girls and that they weren´t my enemies. They were my sisters because want it or not we go through the same things and the best thing we could do is support each other. What I thought beauty means change a lot from that experience making me realize that being beautiful is loving yourself, expressing your thoughts, being constantly learning and having values that determined our actions with others.

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Frau Neuer
Frau Neuer