Hello! The second article on WHI, hah. I want to tell you about the habits that will help you lose weight. Remember, you need to eat, but do it right. Do not limit yourself too much. When you stop eating foods that your body needs, the body begins to take energy from the muscles, not from food. You really lose weight, but it hurts your body, and fat stays in place. It is very important to be attentive to your body and diets. Therefore, it is about correct habits that help to lose weight. Let's start!

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1. Get enough sleep

Did you know that you can lose weight even during sleep? Lack of sleep increases the production of hunger harmonic (ghrelin) and then the signal of saturation in the brain comes late. According to investigations, it has been found that a person who is chronically sleepy, consumes more calories than required, by 40 percent. In addition, do not forget that lack of sleep leads to stress, and when we have stress, we often begin to eat more.

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2. Drink a lot of water

You’ve heard this many times, but I’ll repeat. The fact is that our body often confuses thirst and hunger. This is also because water can also be obtained from food. The calculation of the rate of water drunk per day is very simple: the physiological norm is 30 milliliters per 1 kg of weight. That is, if your weight today is 70 kg, then your rate is 2.1 - 2.8 liters of water during the day. If your rate is far from the amount of water you are drinking now, do not immediately begin to drink 2 liters per day, approach this gradually. Weight decreases means the amount of water also decreases. With heavy physical exertion and in the summer you need to drink significantly more water. The body only accepts pure, non-carbonated water. Tea, coffee, juices do not replace water. Sweet soda is completely banned. Water is drunk in small sips throughout the day. We drink it 30 minutes before meals, we do not drink water during meals, and after eating for 30 minutes we do not use water either. The rest of the time we drink water constantly.

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3. Do not make a cult of food.

Pleasure is not only in the plate in the kitchen, but everywhere around you, in the world around you. Look for them.

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4. Do not be jealous of models on glossy magazines.

You do not know what sacrifices and restrictions they had to make to look like. In addition, do not forget about the wonders of Photoshop.

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5. Do not smoke or abuse alcohol.

Nicotine, getting into the body, hurts the main organs of digestion and interferes with the development of the necessary enzymes - as a result, there can be no full digestion. And given that normal metabolism is important for losing weight, it is easy to imagine what a disservice you are doing to your body. The whole range of negative effects of alcohol on the body and losing weight, in addition to its significant caloric content, I do not even want to list.

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6. Learn to cook simple dishes.

If you are an ordinary person who has a regular job, then you will not be able to spend 3-4 hours a day on cooking. So accustom yourself to minimalism. A piece of meat, a portion of carbohydrates (cereals, potatoes or pasta) + vegetables. Lunch is ready. Meat can be replaced with curds, and a portion of fruit instead of carbohydrates. The supper is ready. With such a meal, you can hardly get a Michelin star, but it will definitely help you lose weight. It is better to refuse frying in oil, the best ways are roasting in the oven and steaming.

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7. Do not eat packaged carbohydrates.

Here is a simple checklist:

  • Does the product consist primarily of carbohydrates?
  • Is the product ready to eat?
  • Is the product packaged in bright shiny packaging?

If you at least positively answered 2 questions, it is better not to eat it. Especially if you want to lose weight, not counting calories.

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8. Control salt intake.

Salt is one of the worst enemies of a slim figure. Salt not only retains water in the body, but also is a powerful appetite stimulant. Stop salting food a lot, but just add some salt to the dishes. Recently, sea and pink Himalayan salt, containing less sodium chloride and more beneficial substances, have become popular.

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9. Refuse from sugar in tea and coffee.

Buy some expensive tea, putting sugar in which is just a sin. My choice is milk oolong tea: tasty, a little sweet, and even useful for losing weight.

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10. Love and respect yourself and your body.

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Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it.