Today I want to share my passion for fashion and I am making a list of five items for this cold season.

adorable, christmas, and classy image fashion and winter image
Hat. The perfect item for being stylish but simple.
fashion, shoes, and boots image fashion, boots, and style image
Ankle boots. This year stylists have set their height little above the ankles. They're original and brilliantly chic.
fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image
The top sweater. Along with high trousers and skirt, it reflects richness and class.
fashion, coat, and blonde image Image by blondechanel
Teddy fur. The new coat for this winter. Cosy and comfortable, it covers any outfit.
Image by sündos fashion, style, and outfit image
Casual jeans. Jeans are always trendy but the lighter colours are innovative this season.

Hoping to have flourished inspiration, I attach my last article and my collections.

Best wishes x