Six of this Winter's hottest trends as seen on everyone's favorite It Girl, Gigi Hadid.

It's that time of year again-- Christmas lights shine upon passerby, the winter chill overtakes us as the sky begins to darken, and the winter clothes come out to play.

One thing I admire about Gigi Hadid is that no matter what season it is, she never fails to make an impression, be it fashion or personality she shines whatever the season--and you can too.

So below let's see what our girl Gigi is wearing this Winter!

1. Sherpa and Plush Jackets and Sherpa Sweaters

gigi article image gigi article image gigi article image gigi hadid, fashion, and model image

2. Mixed Prints.

gigi hadid image
Leopard print is still going strong, and mixing prints makes them look even more stylish!

3. Doc Martens-- Always, and the Puffer Jacket too.

gigi article image
I know, in my last article I highlighted Doc Martens. Well, guess what? They are still more popular than ever! So if you've been holding out on buying them, do so ASAP! Look for some worn in ones at your local thrift stores or save up and get them brand new. Puffer jackets are in too and they come in various levels of puff--or is it pouf?

4. Turtlenecks under dresses.

gigi article image
Gigi's dress here is a tad fancy, yet she makes it more casual by pairing it with a turtleneck! Something you can do too. You can also wear your favorite summer dresses with a turtleneck underneath and some cute knee highs and be ready for the winter chill.

5. Cargo Pants.

gigi article image
Cargo pants have been in for a while now, and my favorite by far is from Brandy Melville! There's a lot to choose from, skinny cargos like Gigi's or wide-legged!

6. Nike Air Force Ones (and sneakers in general).

gigi article image gigi article image
This weekend, you wouldn't believe how many people I saw rocking white Nike Air Force 1's. They are sure to get you noticed this Winter. People are also wearing Adidas, Converse, and the chunky Fila or Fila imitation sneaker too! So if it's a trend you haven't tried yet, now would be the time!

The great thing about fashion is that certain trends will always carry over into the next season, giving us endless ways to style and personalize them as we see fit!

By having relatable millennial celebs like Gigi around to show us what's what, it's easy to see how we can turn every head this Winter with our megawatt smile and effortless style.

A special thanks to @_s_l_a_y_ for sending me a collection she'd like to have featured in this season's edition!

If you'd like an inspiring collection featured in my Spring edition of What's in Gigi's Closet, send me a message!

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This article was written by @whirlwindbound on the We Heart It writer’s team.