hey guys! for blogmas day 2 I thought I'd put together a list of some gift ideas to give your loved ones this holiday season or maybe even to add to your own wishlist because I NEVER know what to ask for! I hope this can help at least one of you!

GIFT # 1: birth month flower grow kit

flowers, rose, and pink image
I think this is such a cute idea for a present! there are certain flowers for every month so getting someone a kit to grow their own birth month flower is such a great gift! you can buy a kit on uncommongoods.com!

GIFT # 2: watercolor zodiac mug

black, brown, and coffee image
I don't actually have a picture of these mugs but you can find them on worldmarket.com and they're sooo cute and unique! the mug includes a beautiful watercolor painting on it. I know I would definitely love to get one of these!

GIFT # 3: mobile lens kit

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this is a perfect gift if you or a loved one is interested in photography but can't afford or can't bring a camera with you everywhere. this kit includes three different types of lenses you can use and they're so helpful for getting a perfect and unique shot! find this kit on urbanoutfitters.com.

GIFT # 4: deep sea sand art

Image by gen
so this one is a little more on the expensive side but this is for sure my favorite gift on the list! its basically sand in glass that falls down like an hourglass but its 100x more beautiful! its so satisfying to look at and I really wish I had it! go check this out on uncommongoods.com!

socks (fluffy ones are the best), throw blanket, throw pillow, makeup, hair products, face masks, clothes, jewelry, candles, shoes

thank you guys so much for reading! I really hope at least one of y'all will use some of these! I hope you enjoyed! - Genna

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