Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting lately:/ I'm just not as motivated. This article is about zodiac signs, I absolutely love learning about zodiac signs. I believe in some of it but other things I don't. I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope you can relate to it. (Check moon and rising signs)

ARIES: Dangerous Beauty

red, girl, and Devil image aesthetic, black, and blonde image Abusive image gif, red, and couple image

TAURUS: Pure Beauty

aesthetic, chanel, and dior image girl, beauty, and hair image Abusive image flowers, vintage, and aesthetic image

GEMINI: Bright Beauty

vintage, hand, and hipster image Temporarily removed girl, fashion, and style image glitter, gold, and necklace image

CANCER: Classic Beauty

Temporarily removed fashion, aesthetic, and angel image bubbles, girl, and vintage image audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and lipstick image

LEO: Intense Beauty

pink, aesthetic, and tears image quotes, baby, and movie image aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image pink, aesthetic, and door image

VIRGO: Soulful Beauty

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It nature, fashion, and orange image

LIBRA: Gentle Beauty

Mature image freckles, lips, and girl image flowers, bath, and legs image love, quotes, and butterflies image

SCORPIO: Sinful Beauty

hair, sexy, and red image couple, riverdale, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Image removed


orange image orange, quotes, and sorry image Image removed Abusive image

CAPRICORN: Deep Beauty

girls, skin, and body positivity image Image by Yoni 🖤 timothy spall, actor, and film image Abusive image

AQUARIUS: Natural Beauty

quotes, 17, and grunge image Image by mack Image removed Temporarily removed

PISCES: Soft Beauty

Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed Abusive image

Thank you for reading!