abc/Adverbs about me


adventurous, boho, and brown image adventure, adventurous, and artistic image adventure, adventurous, and autumn image Temporarily removed
I am very adventurous .I love everything to do with adventure and fun.


Image by 🌱 Image removed girl, beauty, and tumblr image girl, model, and taylor hill image
When I say "beautiful " I mean, I like myself and I think I am beautiful but not a goddess .


girl, black and white, and beauty image autumn, color, and fall image record, aesthetic, and girl image bridge and city image
I am careful in everything and everywhere,so I feel good.


blue, summer, and indie image adidas, autumn, and luxury image yoga and mountain image bridge, black and white, and city image
I like danger and I dare everything.


adidas, amazing, and autumn image city, sky, and travel image fashion, girl, and style image exercise and girl image
All the things I do brings good far.


summer, girl, and beach image book, study, and college image alexis ren and model image body, fit, and glitter image
I am always faithful to my goals .


Temporarily removed dior, chanel, and flowers image aesthetic, christmas, and cosy image christmas, present, and winter image
I like to give things to people,I like to see the smile in their faces.


aesthetic, amity, and hands image Temporarily removed alternative, amazing, and art image body, fit, and glitter image
I like to help the people.The other say I am good at that.

I :impatient

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I can wait for anything.All I want them now!!!


stars, balloons, and gold image autumn, candle, and winter image cupcake, food, and pink image jeans, fashion, and style image
Jealous in good terms.When I feel jealousy I will try to be better.


fashion, style, and outfit image cat, cute, and animal image shine some light image quotes, heart, and kind image
Just kind!!!!


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed bed, cozy, and girl image travel, girl, and helicopter image


Temporarily removed beauty, girl, and beautiful image Temporarily removed book, coffee, and reading image
I have mysterious self but I love it.


study and notes image bun, hair, and style image study, decoration, and desk image journal, notebook, and notes image
I am neat in all my life.


Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel chanel and perfume image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dog, cute, and animal image
In many things...I am!!!


autumn, coffee, and fall image candles, decor, and design image book, autumn, and fall image autumn, coffee, and fall image
I like peaceful places and I am ...sometimes


autumn, fall, and Halloween image car, pink, and luxury image coffee, city, and new york image ice cream, food, and delicious image


Temporarily removed girl, summer, and travel image dog, funny, and animal image beautiful, Best, and bff image
I am rash, but I am OK .


blue, confidence, and confident image girl, tumblr, and hair image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
You have to be confident .Is more amazing than....everything

T :tidy

Image removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, cases, and colors image coffee, grey, and sweater image
I am tidy girl!!!!!


indie image unusual for me image hair, blue, and hairstyle image unicorn, food, and sweet image
I have unusual self but I always feel OK .


like, popular, and sky image aesthetic, athletic, and blue image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


Image removed lily collins and beauty image young, quotes, and free image girl, hair, and pretty image
Young girl!!!!!!