When you wake up early in the morning and you put your cold feet on the floor, hurrying around your room to find your fuzzy socks and a blanket so you won't freeze to death.
When you put on your boots, gloves and tuck a big scarf around your neck before you leave in the morning.
When you see a cloud appear when you exhale in the cold air.
When the snow screams underneath your feet.
When you burn scented candles and turn on the fire when you're coming home from work.
When you take a warm bath to warm up after being outside for an hour shuffling snow from the driveway.

These are some of the things that belongs to the late autumn and winter. I personally love all the things above, and they make me so happy.

I think autumn/winter is the seasons for appreciation. Spring and summer may be the two seasons where everything feels alive and energized, but for me autumn and winter are the most beautiful seasons.
Yes, the colors are fading away and the nature turns grey before the snow arrives - but autumn and winter are the seasons we care more about each other.
I personally don't like how the autumn looks, or smells, but the feeling of autumn is wonderful. When all the colors and sounds around us disappear we suddenly start opening our hearts.

We can suddenly talk to the neighbor we fought about the hedge, or the color of the fence with during summer. We can lend each other things, and we might even shuffle each others driveways when the other one is away for the weekend.

Some people might say that we only care because Christmas is soon approaching, but I personally don't believe that is the only reason.
Christmas doesn't start before December, and people start changing way before that.
My "theory" is that when not all the sounds, colors and the stress of always showing of our new lawnmower or showing the Internet how much fun we have during summer - we have time to care. Time to breath and relax. That's why I love autumn and winter so much.