Have you ever looked at yourself and thought, Who am I? That's what it feels like for me, every single day. I don't know myself at all and that's how it has always been. When people ask me what I'm like, I can't come up with anything. And when someone asks another person what I am like they always say "I don't know, she's kinda odd". No one knows me. I am so empty yet so full inside. I am absolutely nothing and absolutely everything. I am kind but mean, motivated but lazy, depressed but cheerful, boyish but girly, self-loving but insecure, an extrovert and an introvert, strong but sensitive, honest but a liar, dark but lighthearted, stressed but relaxed, tolerant but narrow-minded, evil but pure, numb but capable to feel everything powerfully, forgiving but unforgiving, hateful but loving, cynical but someone who always cares too much, fake but real, the list goes on and on. I don't know who I am or what I want to do with my life at all. I am such a complicated and unstable person that no one can understand. No one gets that at one moment I can seem like the most happy, loving and friendly person in the world, but a couple minutes later I could be found crying somewhere, screaming at everyone and telling them how much I really hate them. Am I a person at all? I mean, do I have a personality? Are there others like me out there? What should I do about it?

// If someone wants to talk, I would love to. Please send me a message, anything. I have a lot on my mind and I would love to hear others' thoughts as well.