It's December everyone !!!

And between all the happiness and stomachs full of Christmas treats we always find ourselves wondering what presents to get for our loved ones.

So I found a few ideas that might bring a ligh into this darkness of curiosity.
Just check them out!

room decor

christmas, room, and winter image bedroom, room, and light image

It can be pillows, fairy ligts, picture Frames, plants or plaids. Literally everything, just make sure it suits the style of the room.
If you want it to be more personal you can diy the decor ( paint the Frames or add photos ) or already order something online with a photo printed on.


pens, pencil, and stationery image aesthetic, journal, and life image study, school, and pen image aesthetic, grain, and life image

I think this is a lovely gift for someone that loves to diy. And I know that there are more stationary adicts like out there.
They will love it !


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This is really self explanatory I think. A good book is aways an erichment.


christmas, awsten knight, and rp theme image christmas, Cookies, and food image christmas, food, and cake image christmas, winter, and snow image christmas, winter, and snow image cake, chocolate, and delicious image
A few more pics here, cause well it's food ;)

Just prepare some nice cookies or some decorated chocolate and so on. Just make it Christmas themed. Everyone loves food so you can't do anything wrong.

cozy clothing

fashion, glasses, and sweater image Image by hannijr746

Comfortable and warm...

gift cards

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This one is for the really picky ones. This way you dont to give them just plain money but that way they can still decide what to buy.

There's ofc much more but These are a few ideas you can useas an Inspiration.

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Enjoy Christmas babes !!