A Court Of Frost and Starlight, Sarah J Maas

My Toughts:

  • I didn't expect to like this after ACOWAR, but how couldn't I when my favourite babies have decided to have a baby of their own.
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  • Nesta finally was put into her place. I pity her, though. I haven't read such a problematic and toxic character in a long time. She refused the help the Inner Circle offered her. She has been acting like a spoiled brat for three books and I half. However, she still is a mood. I mean I want to both slap and congratulate her on that bitchy attitude. But I think my indignation towards her prevails. Why is she so mean towards the people who care the most for her?? cough Feyra and Cassion cough
  • Elain and Mor are even more annoying
  • I don't like the love triangle that is being formed between Elain, Az and Lucien. My babes Lucien and Azriel deserved the best. They have to be happy. Also Az and Elain have zero chemistry.
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  • I loved the fact that Cassian is fighting for the idea that women should be trained to defend themselves. This babe deserves happiness too.
  • I'm happy that Feyra dealt with some of her problems by turning to art again. Art heals.
  • The book cover is gorgeous.
  • The author's acknowledgements was so cute.
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Most of All You, Mia Sheridan
This story was so touching.
Crystal (Eloise) is a club stripper. Our main heroine has been abused all her life by men. Thus she trusts no male species.
Gabriel was abducted when he was only nine and has spent six years in captivity. Twelve years after his escape, Gabe still bears mental scars and can't fully continue with his life.
And when they meet the drama and begin. This sound corny as hell but I swear that it is more than a book version of a telenovela.

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If you like the movie Pretty Woman, go read this book.

My thoughts:

  • Gabriel is the sweetest male protagonist I've read about.
  • Book messages: physical abuse and rape are never the victim's fault; the things that happened in your past should not define your present; not everything happens as you have planed it and that is not necessarily a bad thing; all women should be treated with respect.

Favourite quotes:

But no one could fix anyone else. We could only fix ourselves.

I don’t mind chasing you, Ellie. Just let me catch you once in a while.

Goodread: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/76291687-yoni