Heeeey lovely people!♡

2018 New Year's Eve I will not spend in my hometown in an unusual way.
With my love alone, we will travel for 4 days as we have the anniversary of our relationship at New Year's Eve, so we want to celebrate it all away.

So, to help myself or even you, if you are traveling somewhere, I came to you with a packing list in this article.

Let's get started!✈

1. Clothes
travel, suitcase, and clothes image fashion, pink, and friday image clothes, closet, and white image fashion, sweater, and winter image
shirts, sweaters, pants, pajamas, jeans, underwear, skirt, dress, cardigan, towel
2. Shoes
sneakers shoes, tumblr inspiration, and cool dope hype beast image accessories, adidas, and aesthetics image aesthetic, beige, and fashion image travel, bag, and adidas image
sports shoes, high heels, sandals, boots, ballet shoes, slippers
3. Accessories
fashion, accessories, and rings image dior, fashion, and sunglasses image accessories, aesthetic, and beige image fashion, gucci, and luxury image
belt, sunglasses, small bag, scarf, watch, hat, baseball cap, jewelry: earrings necklaces, bracelets
4. Hygiene
Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and candle image beauty image aesthetic, blue, and red image
shampoo, shower gel, soap, balm, toothbrush, toothpaste, body lotion, razor, deodorant, purity deposit, perfume, face wash, makeup remover, body scrub, face mask, hair mask, dry shampoo
5. Makeup
Temporarily removed makeup, beauty, and lipstick image beautiful, beauty, and cosmetics image Temporarily removed
concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow palette, mascara, lipsticks, lip balm, makeup brushes But! do not overdo it: you're going to travel, not a beauty contest!!
6. Hair
rose gold, hair, and beauty image fashion, girl, and gold image comb, dryer, and fashion image accessories, black, and chanel image
hairbrush, hair straightener, curler, rubben ring, bobby pin, hair oil, hair dryer
7. Required things
bae, couple, and grunge image stars, flashlight, and light image fun, drogue, and multicolore image case, essentials, and eyebrows image
medicament, lighter, pillow, flashlight, scalpel, bottle opener, ointment, handkerchief, hand disinfectant, nail clipper, nail polisher, nail file, adhesive plaster
8. Tech
camera, photography, and sony image apple, candles, and color image iphone, travel, and sky image Temporarily removed
camera, phone charger, earphone, laptop, laptop charger, battery, laptop bag, phone case
9. Entertainment
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed diary image
books, games, diary, map, pencil case
10. In a handbag
bag, fashion, and black image Temporarily removed luxury, travel, and nails image iphone, nails, and luxury image
phone, book, wallet, passport, water bottle, food, gum, snack, wet wipes, tissues, portable charger, sunglasses
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autumn, fall, and vintage image

So that would be my packing list, I hope I could help.
Have fun on the trip and watch out for yourself!

xoxo, Lilla♡