hello my lovers! how are you? I share you my skin care routine. If you want a good skin care routine you can take inspiration from mine (I don't say that mine is perfect haha).

In the morning

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In the morning, I use 〝The Astringent Lotion Micro-Exfoliating Anti-Black Dots〞 by LA ROCHE-POSAY. I just put the lotion on a cotton pad and wash my face with it lol.

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I use 〝The Correcting Anti-Blemish care 24h Hydration〞 by VICHY and when I have pimples, I use 〝 Targeted Imperfection Corrector〞 by LA ROCHE-POSAY that I apply locally on the pimple (I told you about it in my last article).

During the day

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During the day, I try not to touch my face so that it's not greasy. When I feel that my face is greasy I take a tissue and remove it, idk if what I do is good or not. 😕

In the evening

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In the evening, I clean my skin with 〝 The Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel〞 by VICHY.

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My cream is 〝 The Detox Purifying Care〞 also by VICHY. And when I have pimples, I use the cream I mentioned earlier.

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I do a scrub on my face once a week (Sunday) and I do a mask twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday). Currently, I use the mask 〝 The Anti-Imperfection Mask with Pure Clay 〞 by L'ORÉAL and my scrub is 〝 The Apricot Fruity Scrub〞 by YVES ROCHER, a French brand.

This article is finished! I hope you liked and it inspired you!

XoXo, Aries ♡