Recently I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, in other words the 16personality test (I highly recommend it!) to find out what type of person I am, what are my strengths/weaknesses, what should I pursue in a relationships/friendships or what kind of a career path I should take. It led me to an awesome discovery and I decided to write it down here, so you can get to know be a little bit better. :)

Enjoy! :)))

My personality type: INFJ
It was kind of surprising and also exciting to find out that I have the rarest personality of all. But as I read throughout the definitions and other things which characterize the INFJ type, I found myself there 100%.

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Life as an INFJ:

1. From a young age, you felt different from the people around you

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Growing up, I was very different. I made up stories in my head, built dream castles and most of the time I spent alone in my own wonderland. I didn't have many friends as a child.

2. You want to know what’s REALLY going on in people’s lives…

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If I don't ask you, it doesn't mean I really don't want to know or that I don't care. I DO! I am curious. Like a lot.

3. There are limits to your introversion

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I like to be alone, drink a nice cup of coffee and read a book. That doesn't mean I am an introvert. I like to socialize, be around "my people" and just hang out. That doesn't mean I am an extrovert.

4. You choose the people you accompany

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I don't hang out with just anybody and I certainly don't become a best friend with somebody so easily. But if I do, if I find somebody who is matching my weirdness, that's for a lifetime. (And that person should thank me that I even let them in.)

5. You have occasional anger explosions

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You really wouldn't like to see me get mad. So don't push my buttons.

6. You are emphatetic

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Most of the times (if not always) I care about other peoples hapiness far more than my own. I just hate to see somebody hurting.

7. You "have a destiny" and you are always striving for more

I just know there is something "beyond the horizon" waiting for me. I know there is Gods calling and purpose on my life. I know I can be "better me". But these things also lead to a perfectionism and then I struggle with not being good enough, not reaching some goals I set for myself.

8. You sense things

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Some things are not important to be said. You just sense them.

9. Avoiding the negativity at all costs

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Being surrounded by negativity and negative thinking people just sucks the life out of me. Spreading gossip and rumors and talking about how your life sucks and everything is bad all the time doesn't bring anything good to anybody.

10. Your head is way beyond the clouds

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Daydreaming? That's my cup of tea. Or for me-it's coffee.

11. You are "the wise one"

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Sometimes it's really hard when people come to you asking for your advice thinking like you have the solution for everything. But it's totally okay not to respond and just listen.

12. The secret feelings

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INFJs strengths:

art, beautiful mess, and brilliance image introvert, book, and art image art, color, and cool image stars, aesthetic, and space image
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- creative, insightful, inspiring, convincing, decisive, determined, passionate, altruistic

INFJs weaknesses:

2009, body, and concert image alone, deep, and doodle image break, broken, and building image black, black and white, and emotions image
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- sensitive, extremely private, perfectionistic, always needs to have a cause, can burn out easily

INFJs possible career path:

-Counselor / Psychologist
-Life coach / Spiritual leader

INFJs love interest:

real life entp/enfp:

iron man and robert downey jr. image actor, famous, and celebrities image
for example: Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Robin Williams, Drew Barrymore, Russell Brand, Kelly Clarkson, Céline Dion

fictional entp/enfp:

Image removed josh hutcherson, peeta, and catching fire image
for example: Jim Halpert (The Office), Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games trilogy), Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Tony Stark (MCU), The Joker (DC-Batman series), Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate factory), Irene Adler (Sherlock Holmes series), Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones), Felicity Smoak (Arrow), Augustus Waters (The Fault in our Stars), Josephine March (Little Women)

Real life INFJs:

Nicole Kidman, photoshoot, and usa today image art, black & white, and women image birthday, south africa, and july image Image by fabeeldstroo
for example: Nicole Kidman, Mother Theresa, Cate Blanchet, Tilda Swinton, Nelson Mandela, Morgan Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Agatha Christie

Fictional INFJs:

actress, beautiful, and elven image daenerys targaryen, game of thrones, and emilia clarke image game of thrones and jon snow image loki, tom hiddleston, and Marvel image
for example: Galadrial (The Lord of the Rings), Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings), Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones), Jon Snow (Game of Thrones), Loki Laufeyson (MCU), Rose Bukater (Titanic), Michael Scofield (Prison Break), Superman (DC Comics), Prince Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia), Theodore Lawrence (Little Women)

I hope you liked this article and you learned something new. :)
If you don't know what type you are and want to take the test, you can do so here:

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