Why do Ghanaians have to trust a leader who can’t tell them the truth that Aids and Ebola are biological weapons to depopulate Africa because of the continent's fast population growth and to take control of our resources? That is a collaboration with criminals, as well as corruption.

Let any of the past or present Ghanaian leader be accused of committing a criminal act against Britain or American governments. He will be extradited to Britain, America, or the International Criminal Court to face justice. So why are our leaders behaving in this way?

Vladimir Putin is too tough for the British government, the reason after being accused of trying to kill the former Russian spy, Sergei Skripal and his daughter with a dangerous substance, the British government couldn’t even talk further, let alone to let him face justice.

Yet, if it was an African leader, that leader may never escape justice. Charles Taylor is now in prison over crimes against his own people. Two Rwandan nuns have been jailed over the Rwanda genocide, even though the Belgian government is responsible, thus; why are our leaders not showing any intelligence?

Taking all these into consideration, it’s very annoying to acknowledge the fact African leaders have allowed the US government to test biological weapons of Aids and Ebola in the continent of Africa with impunity. How do they regard Africans? Why are the leaders so selfish yet they claim they care about Africans?

Every Ghanaian leader before taking office as president will rise up and swear on the Bible, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of Ghana. However, after becoming president Ghanaian leaders collaborate with external forces (governments), forgetting all the promises they made to unleash criminal activities against their own people with impunity.

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