Hi guys! Here I am again…

I kind of forgot to mention last article that I bring tea with me to college sometimes.

But when I get home from college the first thing I do is take my laptop out and put it on the table. I than go upstairs to put my backpack, jacket and scarf (if I wear one that day) away. I sometimes change into something more comfortable.

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I walk downstairs again and get myself something to drink (this can be water, tea, coffee or some juice). If I'm hungry or finish before the afternoon I will make myself a sandwich and eat it while catching up to my favorite Youtubers or just listening to music.

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After I'm done eating or just relaxing when I'm not hungry I make a list of things I need to do that day (mostly homework). I than start working down the list. If I don't really have to do anything I work ahead with my homework as we always have to prepare the lessons.

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Around the time I'm done with the homework it's time to eat. So I put some plates on the table and we have dinner. We mainly talk about our days and when we finish I do the dishes. I than go back to my laptop and listen to music or watch video's.

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Around an hour or eight I plan to be in the gym and work out for a hour and a half. After I'm done I go home, take a shower and go to bed or read something.

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This is not for all days as sometimes I clean my room in the evening, play the guitar instead of homework and I don't go to the gym everyday.

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So this was it for this article I hope you guys liked this! I'll see you in my next one…