Hii, this month I'm going to do the #Blogmas so I'm going to post a article every day till Christmas, I'm going to do my best that every article is related to Christmas but for now let's start with day 1!

My favorite Christmas movies...

The Polar Express
christmas, santa, and santa claus image believe, christmas, and hollywood image
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
grinch, christmas, and movie image christmas, grinch, and movie image
Temporarily removed
A Christmas Carol
disney and a christmas carol image charles dickens, childhood, and film image
All versions of it
Home Alone
Inspiring Image on We Heart It home alone, christmas, and kevin image
animals, christmas, and comedy image
Bad Santa
film, new year, and bad santa image billy bob thornton, ryan hansen, and mark waters image
The Santa Claus
christmas, movie, and santa clause image christmas movie and the santa clause image

So these where my favorite Christmas movies and #Blogmasday1 I hope you all liked!

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